What could be healthier or more enjoyable than a gift that’s all about connection? Time together, conversing, creating, enjoying the finer things in life, this is the kind of gift money can’t buy and its just as perfect to give to dear old mom, your best friend or your lover. Here’s how to make it extra special…

Three Reasons Why a Home Cooked Meal is the Perfect Way to Say I Love You    

Or read this one right here right now—

10 Reasons  I Know You Can Cook Anything in this Collection

and Wow Yourself with the Results

  1. Little kids can make this food, but I didn’t choose these recipes only for that reason. I chose them because teen-agers and adults like them too. These are all popular classics everyone enjoys (99%) and when I see someone at the store buying one of these meals already made I feel bad for them and think its too bad they don’t know how easy it can be and how fabulous!
  2. These recipes are highly flexible, meaning you can’t really screw it up. I literally have 100’s of recipes and over the years I began sorting out the ones that were really satisfying to make, relatively affordable and super easy. Out of hundreds that I really do love and sometimes make there are about 50 or so I make most consistently because of cost, taste and ease of preparation. If there was an inner circle for recipes these would be the candidates. Wow! Look Who’s Cooking is the “first course.” Soon we’ll have an entrée and a few ala carte collections to expand your personal repertoire of tried and true love that! recipes.
  3. To make change sustainable, like cooking at home more than eating out or eating out of a package, what you make needs to be rewarding enough to want to repeat the process. I understand health is important. I understand cost is important and I know above all, taste rules. Every one of these recipes will wow your taste buds enough to want to make them again and again and repetition is one of the keys to making changes that lasts.
  4. My personal gift is being able to teach something that could be super complicated in a way that makes it really simple. I constantly hear, I didn’t know it was that easy to make ___________!
  5. Freedom and playfulness are two of my top values in life. A life style that’s sustainable requires good vibes, lots of fun, laughter and connection, so naturally any program I’ve ever created was built around these values. And as much as I love to cook, there’s so much else I enjoy doing with my free time so these days I choose what’s easy to make and still deeply satisfying. Wouldn’t it be nice to have time to cook and spend more time with your loved ones and have more energy? Ultimately, cooking together saves time and energy.
  6. Success with Ease — Because this collection is such a laser beam approach to cooking for yourself I know you will feel successful. Taking a shotgun approach by seeking out a good recipe online can be so hit or miss. Even with my skill level, finding one worth making can be daunting and I nearly always alter it in some way.
  7. Ease of preparation. Its all about the fun. Good times. Friends. No one wants to have to decipher a wall of text to make a meal. By simplifying fabulous recipes with powerful combinations of ingredients into a flow chart format, your mind really gets it! It gets how simple cooking really is. You just need someone to help you re-frame the possibilities so you rely on high quality ingredients and good times rather than experimenting with recipes for 10 years like I did before I felt really confident in the kitchen.
  8. Taste as you go; it’s the only way to know —Anytime I teach someone in person how to cook we only use the recipe as a template. We add a little more salt or a little more curry, a little more nutmeg, more or less garlic next time. Everyone’s sense of taste is highly unique. Especially when it comes to salt. These days I use the pink stuff—Himalayan Salt because unlike any other salt its actually a mineral supplement. Sodium is only one of more than 80 other minerals in Himalayan salt. In other words, its actually good for you because our bodies need minerals and processed food often lacks what you find in fresh vegetables. I’ve had clients say oh no, I don’t use salt. I always encourage them to ask their nutritionist about Himalayan salt and every time, so far, they come back and say Yes! Go for it! Because it isn’t just sodium. Beyond the health benefits, what I know about not using salt is that without it all those amazing flavors will be just ok. Salt amplifies all the other flavors. And a little goes a long way. Sea salt is fabulous too and when I wrote “Wow! Look Who’s Cooking” it was my salt of choice. With Himalayan salt I use about ¼ the amount, maybe ½ the amount. Its very potent in flavor impact. Still, everyone is unique so I always recommend to taste as you go and make personal notes for next time. Your recipes and your cooking skills just get better and better this way. Someday, like me, you may read a recipe that looks like a great combination of ingredients and just know you’re going to double the spices. Until then, master these, use them as a foundation, a launching pad into your culinary adventure.
  9. Having the desire to keep cooking is the key to this program being worthwhile for you to learn. As you incorporate real food into your life style you will notice that you crave less sugar, fat and salt. You may begin reducing the brown sugar in your Teriyaki sauce. Your taste buds will get more sensitive when you reduce the synthetic flavors found in packaged food. When you satisfy your craving with real food, even if it is melted cheese or sugar, you’ll find that you begin to actually eat less. Our brains know the difference between what’s real and what merely taste like something its not, so if we don’t get it we’ll just keep trying. Rather than devouring 1000’s of extra calories in the process, just give it what it wants and see what happens. Just make it real! Soon, that mass produced muffin at the coffee shop just might lose its appeal.
  10. Human beings are hard-wired for connection. In a world that feels like its always on fast forward, cooking together helps us slow down while still being highly productive. Preparing a meal together we’re reminded what’s most important to us. Eating fresh food, prepared with love, we’re reminded how to eat. Within this framework, we even begin to spend more time at the table enjoying the meal and one another. The ripple effect begins in the kitchen and then it flows into your relationships, your life style, your very way of being in the world.

Its been said, how you do anything is how you do everything. I’m not sure how true this is for everything but I do know that cooking is one of the most self loving acts there is. Every dimension of your being feels it, your body, your mind and your spirit. Connecting with yourself and your loved ones encourages being fully present — simply enjoying that moment. Eventually, no one’s texting, no one’s answering their phone or stepping out, because there’s no where they’d rather be once they start tuning into what’s possible. Who knew just cooking a meal together could have such a profound influence on your life?


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