Wow! Really?

The most important ingredient isn’t even on the label. When you eat what’s real, it becomes self-evident there’s a quality in food that has a profound effect on your sense of well-being yet isn’t  accounted for on any nutritional label. All it takes is a little “field research.” Commit to cooking with your friends one day a week. Make a meal entirely from scratch using the highest quality ingredients. Set up a taste test. Be fair. Choose the popular brand. Then, taste []

5 Ways to Sustainably Break the Sugar Habit

Yeah baby! Like rehab! Kick that addiction. Tough it out. Give it up. Feel great. Until you have a really hard day or there’s some special occasion that just begs you to taste just a little… Deprivation never lasts. What you want to do is create new empowering habits that will last in the long term and become a life style based in a foundation of feeling great! Geneen Roth, author of “Women, Food and God” says it most succinctly: “Eventually you []

Home Cooking: 10 Fun & Easy Ways to Start Cooking Today

1) Sunday Dinners: Who doesn’t appreciate a leisurely meal on a Sunday evening? The way to make this happen is to cook together. Invite another family over and prepare the meal together. Delegate age appropriate tasks to the kids, like setting the table, grating the cheese or writing a menu. While you’re at it, make a double batch of soup for Monday. Then, clean the kitchen only once, together. Rediscovering the joy of preparing and sharing a meal as a family is []