Special Occasion Recipes

DSCN3156 Watch the video to learn how to make this french toast the day before so you can just chill in the morning


1 baguette

1/2 cup of butter (one stick) + 1 cup brown sugar + 2 T. maple syrup (not high fructose corn syrup with maple flavoring)

5 Eggs + 1 1/2 c of Half&Half + 2 T. Grand Marnier (optional) + 1-2 t. vanilla + pinch of salt

Watch the video for the instructions. CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO TAKE YOU THERE

After assembling the casserole,  cover it and chill in the frig overnight (up to a day is ok but no less than 8 hours)

Bring bread to room temperature, then bake uncovered until golden brown. Check it at 30 minutes and add on 5-10 minutes more depending upon how your oven cooks.

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