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DSCN6391 OK so a classic pate brise tart crust is easier to make than a pie crust because it has so much butter; its highly resilient. It does need to chill and be weighted with pie weights or rice on foil once in the oven but this sounds way more complex than it really is—think of it as a culinary adventure. Once you’ve been there, it doesn’t feel so daunting. Honestly, after teaching my niece how to make this it was her “go to” dessert for the rest of that summer!

The secret ingredient to an amazing tart is the Marscapone cheese which is kind of like butter, sort of like cream cheese and goes really well with fruit. The layer is so thin you may not have noticed it before. You will now!

Mixing the Marscapone with sugar makes it sweet and cream makes it spreadable. CLICK THE IMAGE TO SEE EXACT AMOUNTS. You can use less sugar or even substitute something like coconut crystals if you prefer.

With so few ingredients, quality matters all the more so pick the ripest, freshest berries you can find. Take time to arrange them beautifully knowing that all of your senses are being satiated by the process of creating something so deeply satisfying. Once the berries are in place, let the tart chill in the frig for a few hours before serving. You can even make it the day before if you think you can resist the temptation to eat it before your guests arrive!

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