Create this Tart

DSCN3618Granted, this video is more inspirational than informational. But you know how much one of these tarts costs at your favorite store—to think little kids can make one—that’s all you need to know!

OK, so you make a classic pate brise crust with a bit of sugar in it (flour butter sugar and ice water)

Mix the Marscapone (this is the secret ingredient to those expensive little tarts that rock your world) with some sugar and cream so it becomes spreadable.

After you’ve chilled and baked your crust, let it cool. Spread a thin layer of the cream sauce. Arrange the berries.

If you want it to look extra gorgeous, mix 2 T of jam or preserves with 2 T of liquor like Grand Marnier, Cassis or any fruity after dinner liquor. Warm this gently while stirring together. Then drizzle over the berries.

Chill in the frig for a couple of hours before eating it, if you can wait that long.


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