Can anyone learn to cook? Just ask this guy!


Second only to what’s your favorite restaurant, I’m often asked, “do you really think anyone can learn to cook?” Absolutely yes! A couple of summer’s ago Gage kept asking to help in the kitchen at our annual family camp gathering. Like other kids he respected the rules, sometimes even better than the adults. Last year someone said, Oh my God, he has a knife! pointing to a young boy who was peeling stickers off of the peaches. Yes, he does have a knife and unlike the grown-ups who walk around knife pointing it forward, OUCH! this little boy carefully walked it over to the dish area pointed towards the ground and then left it in a special place on the side so no one would reach into the sink and grab something sharp.

People learn habits early in life. Teaching kids how to safely interact in the kitchen sets them up for a life time of healthy choices. I believe this is far better than being dependent on packaged, processed food. That would be far more dangerous!

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