5 Ways to Sustainably Break the Sugar Habit

Yeah baby! Like rehab! Kick that addiction. Tough it out. Give it up. Feel great. Until you have a really hard day or there’s some special occasion that just begs you to taste just a little…

Deprivation never lasts. What you want to do is create new empowering habits that will last in the long term and become a life style based in a foundation of feeling great! Geneen Roth, author of “Women, Food and God” says it most succinctly:

“Eventually you will stop wanting to do anything that interferes with the increasing brightness you have come to associate with being alive.”       

 That’s the real goal isn’t it? Feeling more vitality, authentically and sustainably?

Beating yourself up with some archaic version of discipline only lowers your good vibes. When that happens you’re naturally drawn to food that perpetuates debilitating habits.

On the other hand, if you implement a more loving form of discipline you;re bound to succeed. The root word of the word discipline is disciple and if you check out its origin, it means to joyfully follow! So, what if instead of succumbing to the mainstream version of dieting based in discipline and deprivation, you were to embrace a cutting edge version of kicking the habit? What if, instead, you were to joyfully follow a path that leads you towards ever increasing brightness?

From that point of view, you would do really loving things for yourself that helped you to gradually ease off your sugar habit. For example, rather than deprive yourself completely you could —

1) Bake some healthy treats that use almond flour sweetened with honey. By supplying your body with protein and good fats you’ll decrease your cravings. Elenaspantry.com has lots of wonderful options you can feel good about eating.

2) Drink herbal teas with licorice as part of the blend. Licorice is known for naturally curbing cravings for sweetness. Traditional Medicinals makes an organic EveryDay Detox that supports liver and kidney function. This slightly sweet blend has a mild licorice flavor that needs no additional sweetener, however, in the early phase you might want to boost the sweetness with something natural.

3) Liquid Stevia is far more palatable than the powdered version. Use it to amplify natural sweeteners like honey and maple syrup. Add it to unsweetened cranberry juice and a bit of bubbly water for a refreshing alternative to soda.

4) Ultima electrolyte replenisher rates higher than any of its competitors. I think of it as Kool-Aid for adults. During the summer or when working out regularly this is a healthy addition and a great substitute for a sweet drink when having a meal that typically goes with soda.

5) B vitamins are also known to help with sugar cravings. I love the little spray version by Energetic Nutrition because its so portable and therefore user friendly.

By planning a long term approach you’re far more likely to succeed. As your body absorbs real nourishment cravings naturally diminish. Focusing on what you’re adding in vs. what you’re taking out makes it far more likely you will accomplish your goal and enjoy life to its fullest without ever feeling deprived! Quite the contrary; you will feel more and more alive.

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